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JKI JSON Supporting Files

Anthony Lukindo

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Once a LabVIEW application that uses JKI JSON is compiled, JKI JSON produces multiple folder with supporting files such as JKI JSON serialization etc. These files reside in folders right under the root directory of the app.


QUESTION: Can these JKIJSON folders and files be saved in the executable's data folder? If so how can I do that? The reason is because these multiple folders and files  produce clutter when viewing the app root folder.




Anthony Lukindo

JKI JSON Supporting Files.png

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Hi Anthony,

There was an issue in older LabVIEW versions (~LV8.x) where it had to save class Dynamic Dispatch methods into separate folders.

In newer LabVIEW versions, there's an option to do the same thing. Perhaps that option is set to TRUE in your build settings. Try setting it to FALSE and see if it fixes the issue.


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