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duplicating reference and controls while cut and paste between frames

Jeroen de Vries

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Dear community, 

To keep my report clean😀 here are my statements


Move code which contains (Boolean) references of controls to another frame by cut and paste. When pasting a copy of the controls are made, the references now reference to the newly created controls. 


I only cut the highlighted section, pasting results in a copy even using shortcuts (Crtl - V or menu Edit - Paste) 

Note the "2" behind the pasted references. 


Create a new reference and place this reference directly in the desired frame. 


Is it a bug or a feature? If so what would be an optimal way to rearrange the code between frames. 


  • Using windows 10
  • LabVIEW 2020

To be copied.png

Schermafbeelding 2021-04-28 om 13.47.41.png

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rearrange of image
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