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Missing Classes and OpenG Not Supporting


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I'm using JSON JKI's Flatten to JSON String.vi and Unflatten from JSON String.vi in a LabVIEW 2016 VI which I created, and I downloaded JKI JSON from here and installed it via JKI VIPM. However, I'm unable to run the program for the following reason:

When I first open my VI in LabVIEW, LabVIEW cannot find the classes and VI's below:

  • JKI Serialization.lvlib:Serializer.lvclass
  • JKI Serialization.lvlib:Deserializer.lvclass
  • JKI Unicode.lvlib:UTF-8 String.lvclass
  • JKI Unicode.lvlib:UTF-8 String.lvclass:Index Rune as UTF-8 Substring.vi
  • JKI Unicode.lvlib:UTF-8 String.lvclass:String Subset.vi
  • JKI Unicode.lvlib:UTF-8 String.lvclass:String Length in Bytes.vi
  • JKI Unicode.lvlib:UTF-8 String.lvclass:Create UTF-8 String.vi

After ignoring these file searches, LabVIEW presents the following error window, which suggests that I don't have OpenG even though I've downloaded the latest version of OpenG from this NI website, and installed it via JKI VIPM.



Additionally, according to JKI VIPM there are no missing dependencies for OpenG and JKI JSON as all the packages have been installed.

I'd really appreciate any help with this matter, as I'm quite new to LabVIEW.

Thank you.

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The issue has been resolved. For some reason clicking the Refresh button and right clicking individual packages listed under Name /\ did not reveal any missing dependencies in both Proxy configurations. However, what worked was to click View>Error List (or CTRL+L) and to install all the missing packages listed in the window that pops up.

Thanks @Jim Kring for the quick responses, and for pointing me in the right direction to look for missing libraries!

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