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What is OpenG and why does EasyXML require OpenG VIs?

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Internally, EasyXML use VIs that are part of the OpenG libraries, a collection of open source (free) VIs. OpenG is an organized LabVIEW community that collaberates together on open source LabVIEW VIs and tools -- JKI is an active participant in this community. The OpenG VIs are of extremely high quality and are extremely useful. In fact, we recommend that you start using them when you create your own VIs and applications.


One thing that you must be aware of is that any application that you create with EasyXML will also use the OpenG libraries upon which it depends. This means that you must to comply with the licensing terms of the OpenG libraries when you distribute your application. But don't worry, it's very straight-forward to comply with the OpenG licensing terms (that said, you should always consult with an attorney about any legal matters that affect you or your business). Please read the following frequently asked questions about OpenG, for details on how to comply and for more information about the open source license:

You can download the OpenG libraries using VIPM (VI Package Manager). In fact, when you install EasyXML, VIPM will ask you if you want to automatically download and install all the required OpenG libraries. VIPM makes obtaining and installing the OpenG libraries trivial.


To find out which OpenG libraries EasyXML requires, please see the documentation.

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