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Approval Tests 2.0 Breaking Changes

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I introduced some breaking changes in this version. For some reason, these release notes didn't show up on VIPM so I added them here. Sorry about that, I'll need to investigate why they aren't showing up.


  • "pass if approved" needs to be replaced with "verify.vim" If you are using one of the officially supported frameworks (Caraya, LUnit, VITester) then use the verify in that extension library (it includes the assert for the framework.) 
  • I recommend that you install Beyond Compare (paid but worth it) or WinMerge (free alternative). Approvals will automatically open either if your test fails. This makes it much easier to see what changed and to approve those changes.
  • Check out the new verify types. The combination and parameterized tests are particularly useful.

Version 2.0 - Breaking Changes

  • Renamed pass if approved.vi to verify.vim It now accepts anything, not just strings.
  • Changed .actual to .approved and added a second suffix (ie .approved.txt or .received.json)
  • Added several different verify methods. JSON, File, Combinations, Parameterized, and CLI.
  • Created extensions for VITester, Caraya, and LUnit
  • Added an options class
  • Added scrubbers for cleaning up output. You can now replace things like dates or GUIDs with tokens.
  • Added reporters for viewing diffs
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