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On 3/16/2024 at 9:06 PM, Ryan Porter said:

Is PPL_B in the same application context as VI_A?

PPL_B and VI_A both in development environment
my conclusion is ppl's tag can't be found by other vi,llb's tag can
as belows
maybe this register in ppl_x are idfferent from others
or i made some other mistakes
After all,you can build a ppl and llb which includes tags and try yourself.
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I understand the problem now.

PPL_B gets its own copy of "Get Tag LUT.vi" when you compile the PPL.

Then when you call VI_A, it refers to the "Get Tag LUT.vi" in vi.lib.

They are not getting the same tag lookup table.

To avoid this, I think that you will need to build Get Tag LUT into its own PPL. Then have PPL_B and VI_A call that PPL instead of vi.lib.

This would requires some re-structuring of the Tag Engine library before building the shared PPL.

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