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Imaq transfer through different executable on the same host

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Hi Alberto,

The tool transfers class data (internally flattened to string) on the network stream, making it effectively not usable for efficiently transferring IMAQ data over the stream. You can of course by de-referencing the image data, stuffing it a class and send it but it would be inefficient because of the extra copies in memory.

Network streams support IMAQ references and handle them smartly by accessing the image-buffers thus preventing extra copies in memory, which is more performant.

I you would want to use this in combination with the added functionality of the Super Network Streams, I'd recommend to pull it from Github (https://github.com/VITechnologies/VIT-Super-Network-Streams) and modify it to support IMAQ reference instead of class data, rename to Super Network Streams for IMAQ and let us know how it went! 🙂

Best regards,


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