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Issue with Additional System Dependency in VIPM Package Build

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Hi VIPM Community,

I've encountered an issue with the VIPM package build process where an unexpected system dependency with the same vip file name" is added when installing the package using the .vip file. This "additional system dependency is not specified in the build spec" and confuses during installation irrespective of the VIPM version.

Specifically, when I choose "OS User Documents" as the destination option in the build specification, VIPM includes a dependency on "System," which is unintended.

This unexpected dependency complicates the installation process for end users and may result in compatibility issues with certain LabVIEW environments. Despite reviewing my LabVIEW project and VIPM package configuration, I've been unable to identify the root cause or justification for this issue.

Has anyone else encountered a similar problem with VIPM package builds? I would greatly appreciate any insights or suggestions on resolving this issue.



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