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I've been using the ArrayFire library with LabVIEW for many years. To do this I had to create a DLL and faced a lot of difficulties debugging it. Long-awaited G2CPU Toolkit greatly simplifies debugging and does not require any external development environment. However, I encountered some problems using the toolkit v1.3.0.3 with Cuda backend (AF v3.9.0, CUDA Runtime 12.2, Driver 12040, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti) .

1.  Execution time of the G2CPU Upload Array.vim is about 300ms for U8 array of 10M elements (upload rate = 30MB/s). However, in case of disabling the "is 1D.vi"  (is 2D,3D,4D) in the PrototypeToObject.vim->G2CPU Upload Array.vim transfer rate becomes 5GB/s which is quite normal for RTX 20 series cards.

2. Any type conversion like this image.png.7a81ac9aa103fcfaedca3f06fa621cd6.png throws error 5005 "Type mismatch between array prototype and stored Array" in the G2CPU Download Array.vim .

3. Abs(complex) returns complex type value instead of the expected real one.

4. If AFGarbageCollector = TRUE in project properties, error 5001 "Trying to get the pointer to an uninitialized array" occured for any code with Upload and Download VIs.

I hope these comments will help improve the toolkit.

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5. Also the G2CPU Right Bitshift.vim does not work.

Some suggestions for ease of use:

a. G2CPU Cast.vim needs to be added to the palette.

b. Custom probes make debugging much easier. But it would be nice to add scrollbars to the arrays and limit the number of visible array elements by the height and length of the probe window.

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