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Arrays/clusters with no elements and decorations not supported

Benoit Viguier

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Hi all,

First, thank you JKI for your great tool that makes the design of my UIs so much easier! I successfully added my own themes and controls to the JKI Design Palette but I noticed some controls are not supported. 

  • Arrays and clusters with no elements: data structures like arrays and clusters require to have elements to be added to the Palette. Adding arrays or clusters that don't have elements make all the controls in the JKI Design Palette disappear as shown below. In the future, I think it would be great to be able to add our own arrays and clusters that don't have a type to the Palette. 


  • Decorations: decorations can't be added to the Palette. I tried to add my own decorations to the Palette and it looks like they are not supported. It didn't make the other controls disappear like above but I think it would be a great improvement to have access to decorations (classic or our own) via the JKI Design Palette.  




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Yeah I was able to replicate the issues that you described. Creating and empty array/cluster caused all the controls to disappear on the palette. That is why the existing clusters in the palette contains a dummy "Delete Me" control :).


You can do the same with a decoration to add it to the palette:




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Hi guys, great discussion. Yes, the way you add arrays, clusters, and decorations is using these tricks to give them valid “values”.

i agree that the current behavior where the design palette fails to load *any* controls is a bit of a bug (to say the least) — we will fix that (make it more fault tolerant) in a future release.

And, we’re looking at better ways to support arrays, clusters, and decorations in the future. Until then, I’m glad you’ve discovered the work-around 🙂

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Hi Guys. This morning we pushed a new release of 1.0.2 with support for empty clusters and arrays.  Also, when dropping an existing cluster or array with a single "Delete Me" element, it will delete it after it's placed on the Front Panel.

Please let me know how it works for you guys.

PS - we're going to continue to think about how best to support decorations.

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3 minutes ago, Benoit Viguier said:

Hi Jim,

I just checked and it works great! Good idea to automatically delete the "Delete Me" element once the control is placed on the Front Panel. 

It also looks like the issue with the controls disappearing doesn't exist anymore. Thanks :)

Thanks for testing and letting us know. Yes, we now officially support "empty" clusters and arrays -- previously, these were throwing errors when we tried to load them, but we fixed it so that they are handled better and officially supported. Have fun.

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Nice. The empty clusters and arrays now work without issues!

Here is a suggestion for the existing clusters/arrays that contain a delete me button (in case you need to keep it after the latest upgrade): why not make the text hidden and the color transparent so it won't even appear (since it is going to be deleted anyway)

And for the decorations, I suggest that you put the decoration on top of an transparent empty cluster that will get deleted after being placed on the FP (in a similar approach to the above).

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