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New buttons suggestions: Read, Write, Send, Receive, etc.



I try to use the toolkit when it does not crash 😉 and enjoy it a lot, but I've just found that there is no buttons with icons for such often used actions as Read, Write, Send, Receive. Also, there could be more "specialized", like Query, Execute, Init, DeInit, etc. Are there plans to expand the toolkit, or there is some specific reasons why those (at least more common Read/Write, etc.) are not implemented in the toolkit?

Thanks a lot,

Sincerely, Ivan.

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What icons do you think would work well for write and read?

In your application, what is it that you're trying to Read/Write and Send/Receive? That might help us find some good icons for your use case.

By the way, there is an "Edit" button with a Pencil.


For reading, would expect glasses?


PS - Sorry for the crashes. we're not sure why LabVIEW has a difficult time, sometimes 🙂

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Thank you for your reply!

Somehow yesterday I didn't realize that Edit could be used as Write, thank you.
Glasses for reading will be great, this is similar as default accessors icons for VIs.
I implement VI for CAN communication with some custom protocol. Thus I would like to read/write message by address, and send/receive command (or payload).
Interesting is, that even Silver buttons set do not have such icons - although there are different kinds of icons.

Regarding crashes - I've found out that on first call, after project is opened, it works for me, so I take all buttons which I need, and then work with application 🙂 Most probably, I have something with my LabVIEW installation (different toolkits, drivers, etc.), thus something could be wrong there.

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