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VIPm Is copying vis from dependency vi into new directory


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I am creating some packages for our internal reuse code.

I create Package "Config Files".   This package does not have any other package dependencies, and installs as expected (using custom directory, not under LabVIEW).

I create a second package, "File Paths", which calls a vi in the Config Files package.  Since the Config Files package is installed, VIPM correctly says that the Config Files is a dependency.

When I go to build and install (using custom directory, not under LabVIEW) the File Path package, I see a copy of the vi from Config Files under the directory of File path, instead of the file that should have been used under the Config File path.

What I Expect:

C:\Config Files\test.vi

When Installed:

C:\File Paths\test.vi


I saw some older forum posts about Internal and external dependencies, but I do not see that option in LV 2019.   Has this option been removed?

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Here is what I have done so far to reproduce the issue (I can reproduce on multiple packages, I used a simpler example for the post):

Build my FGV Package.  Shown below is the file locations on disk in the LabVIEW Project.   I then built the package, and installed the package.  After installation, the files are all in the FGV folder, with no extra files.




Now I want to build my File Path package, which depends on the FGV Package I just installed.  NOTE the FGV - Test Mode located in the FGV folder on disk.


VIPM correctly identifies that the BMI FGV package is required.


Save the configuration and build the package.

Install the package.

When the package is installed, the file that was in the FGV Package has been added to the directory File Path, instead of using the FGV - Test Mode located in the FGV folder with the FGV Package.



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