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Automatically (re-)start VIPM with administrator rights if package requires that

Andreas Stark


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Great idea! Especially useful for packages for which it takes long time to install - because usually error caused by non-admin rights is dropped at the very end of the installation. But if it could warn user before the install - then some time could be saved.

And also, sometimes it could happen the situation that:

- LabVIEW is not running;

- VIPM is launched;

- toolkit is installing -> VIPM launches LabVIEW;

- installation fails because of non-admin rights;

- user closes VIPM, but LabVIEW remains to be running;

- user launches VIPM as admin;

- toolkit is installing -> but fails because LabVIEW is already running as non-admin;

- so user needs to know that he has to restart not just VIPM as admin, but also close LabVIEW so VIPM could launch LabVIEW again with admin rights.

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