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Installing LV2020 can mess-up with EasyXML attributes

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[ Update: The work-around for this issue is to OpenG String v4.1.1.16 ]

Take a look at this "issue" that can appear after installing LV2020 : https://lavag.org/topic/21753-1d-array-to-string-not-compiling-correctly/

The video posted shows how to fix it.


What happened to me was :

- I've been using EasyXML happily for some time in LV2019 (my use include attributes)

- I installed LV2020

- EasyXML in LV 2019 started to add an extra line at the end of attributes. I noticed that in Git when my config files had so many modifications.

- for a few days, it's been very painful to try and find the error so I dug into EasyXML's inside then notice that the OpenG String VI : "1D Array to String" was adding a "\r" at the end of the delimited string.

- then I found the post on LAVA which saved me a lot of time.

So... just be careful with this if you use attributes.


to give you an example, this :


became that

: image.png.86ecfea1248685abec1c62469d191b38.png

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4 minutes ago, Jim Kring said:

Oh, that's very interesting! Thanks.

Question: is there any possibility that you opened this code on a Mac? (where the EOL character is a "\n" -- note that the EOL character is "\r\n" on Windows).

Nope, never on a mac but this project can be run either on Windows or on a NI Linux RT target, so I naviguate between Linux RT and Windows almost every day.

3 minutes ago, Jim Kring said:

Also, are you able to reproduce this issue right now?  I might have a fix/test for you.

If you've fixed it locally, maybe you can reproduce by uninstalling OpenG String from 2019 and then re-install OpenG.

Being able to reproduce would really help me test a fix.

Will try that.

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I guess a fix would be to use the one from LabVIEW in EasyXML, no?


I've just uninstalled - reinstalled the OpenG String package and the bug has not come back.

Haven't connected to my Linux RT target though.


EDIT : my VIPM is set to mass compile packages after install (has always been configured like that)

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I was able to reproduce the issue with the help of a colleague who has an RT Target.

I've written up some info about this issue here:

OpenG String v4.1.1.16 should fix this issue (although it's simply working around the LabVIEW compilation bug, which could potentially be causing other issues)

I'm going to work to report this to NI, since we can reproduce the issue.

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