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Help improvement needed for LV > Options > VI Server



I clicked VIPM > Uninstall for LV 2021, and an error dialog popped up, telling me to add "localhost" to the list of Machines in LV 2021 > Options > VI Server.

I did that, but with the same error dialog.

Then I reviewed VIPM > Help and found Appendix B. That didn't have my LV version, but I selected LV 2009-2014. That had more details, such as in Machines, and changing the Port to 3367. I did that, and VIPM was better, but it timed out after 120 seconds, suggesting that maybe my Port is wrong.

I changed the Port back to its default of 3363, and VIPM Uninstall worked.

The text in VIPM > Help > Appendix B needs to be updated for recent LV versions. It would also be helpful for the error dialog to reference Appendix B (rather than just say "add localhost").

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Hi There. Thanks a bunch for reporting this issue and how you worked around it.  I had some additional questions, so that our team can try to reproduce the issue.

When you say you "clicked VIPM > Uninstall for LV 2021" can you describe a more about how you got to this action?  For example: is this option/action within LabVIEW (Tools Menu), NI Package Manager (LabVIEW / VIPM uninstallation), VIPM (option in the VIPM Main window), Windows Add/Remove Programs, etc.?

Also, if you have any screenshots, that would help, too.

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