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Functionalities that would facilitate our life.

Youssef Menjour


Here is my contribution for the ideas of functionalities which would be frankly useful to integrate in the future on VIPM

- an automatic generator of BIN3 for the examples folder (the current system is not practical).
--> currently you have to create a tree structure and then copy and paste the files inside to finally generate the bin3 in an exbins directory (category that you have to create in VIPM) 
At the time of setup before construction it is necessary to point the directory examples towards another treesecence (Name of the company / project) which is absolutely not native in a LabVIEW project (nobody makes that...) In short it is too complicated.

- the possibility to delete the diagram of the VI that we want. 
--> currently one is obliged to create a distribution to make that before building the distribution. It is too laborious.

With just these two features we would save a lot of time.

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