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Advanced Plotting Toolkit marked as Incompatible with OS

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Hi Jim,

The only bug I've found so far is the same problem as in the current 2023 version, where certain packages (in my case Advanced Plotting Toolkit) could not be installed or were marked as incompatible (I have LV2022 installed):


Despite that fact that the package is actually installed (using 2022 version of VIPM) and works flawlessly.

Hope this helps.

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On 6/28/2023 at 6:54 PM, Jim Kring said:

Hi @Dmytro

It appears the issue is that the publisher marked the OS Compatibility in a way that prevents it from being installed on Windows 10/11.


Hi Jim, 

But I'm able to use Advanced Plotting Toolkit in Windows 10 for years with all VIPM versions, except 2023.

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@Jim Kring

I've tested the version you mentioned above, VIPM 2023.3 (build 2523) and it still has the same issue (this error code is when I manually added/installed it):

Main Package Name: Advanced Plotting Toolkit v1.1.0.135
Package Name with Error: Advanced Plotting Toolkit v1.1.0.135
Error Message: VIPM could not install the package heliosphere_research_llc_lib_advanced_plotting_toolkit- .
Error Code: 5000
Error Source: BCE00DE8BCB0BC1ECAEC0CA2BD614CEE in BECF98DC7A5592288DDE885AC3F716DC->OGPM Class.lvlib:F99E9CC3EB9277DDE0A5E3520B2CF856->OGPM Class.lvlib:DDEB598F099C5DA36134A8DF18C93A10->C7C126441A6553181E4ED578C5816914->VIPM Main Window.vi


It would be great if you could do a re-release of the package with All Windows versions. Tried to do it myself due to that its open source these days but had some problems getting the required components to work.


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