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Installation Trouble- MacOS

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trying to install for LV2022, and the installation fails with:

Main Package Name: JSONtext v1.7.0.118
Package Name with Error: JSONtext v1.7.0.118
Error Message: VIPM could not install the package jdp_science_jsontext- .
Error Code: 1059
Error Source: Open VI Reference in BF32001BE83DE5E0CE0778B652B69156->0899928E468768EC9D6A07D840B896CD->AD4791BDA0231EB30EBF129C1A98AB7B->OGPM Class.lvlib:1D42A1CCBC79EB157F4B29421C6C7648->OGPM Class.lvlib:68DD1F408D6154AB6D8715845077EEA9->FB296AD1654D68D63B7041E1F06FA55C->VIPM Main Window.vi<APPEND>
VI Path: /private/var/folders/ct/7_4f8zf08vldl700r6_w_1vh0000gq/T/TemporaryItems/PostInstall.vi

For 2021, I had a similar error, and IIRC I beat it by writing a VI to watch the TemporaryItems directory, and copy the PostInstall VI when it appeared, so I could run it at my leisure; it seems it was being deleted before it could be run.

The same trick isn't working for LV2022; any ideas?! Guessing it's just a Mac problem...

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