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Fine grained control of package dependencies

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Dear all,

I hope that the following question has not already been asked.

Anyways, imagine I have package B which depends on package A. Imagine that packages B and A are both at version 1.0.0.x . Now assume that I bumped package A version to 2.0.0.x and I broke API compatibility so that Package B v1.0.0.x stops working with Package A v2.0.0.x. Is there a way in Package B build specification to specify a package dependency such that Package B requires Package A to be at version >=1.0.0.x and < ? In this manner, one would prevent the user who installs Package B (which has never been upgraded to be compatible with Package A v2.0.0.x) from ending up in situations where Package B is broken.

I hope I managed to be sufficiently clear.

Thanks in advance for any clarification.




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