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VIPM 2021 Beta Download and Getting Started

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We're excited to announce the VIPM 2021 beta! You can Download VIPM 2021 Beta Software Here.

Note: If you are a JKI Dragon Beta Tester, installing VIPM 2021 beta will remove JKI Dragon. Please do not install VIPM 2021 beta on the same machine on which you wish to continue testing JKI Dragon.


What's New:

  • Supports LabVIEW 2021 beta
  • Main UI layout and usability improvements
  • [build 2732] Fix - Installing packages with deep recursion (e.g. A>B>C>A) was getting stuck and hanging VIPM (e.g. SQLite toolkit). This has been fixed.
  • [build 2732] Fix - Detection of project LabVIEW version was not working well if there were no VIs in project. This has been fixed and the LabVIEW version will be read from the .lvproj file.
  • [build 2732] Fix - Missing Friend Classes No Longer Cause Package Build Errors -  The package builder was raising a dependency missing error if a friend class could not be found. However, friends are not actually required. Now they don't cause a missing dependencies error.
  • [build 2732] Fix - Improved "Please Wait" Dialog - Fixed text cut off in the Please Wait Dialog
  • [build 2732] Fix - Community Edition was not setting the "Restart LabVIEW After Install" flag in built packages (and other Pro features that are available to Community Edition such as pre- and post-build custom actions)
  • And more...
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